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Hiking in Wolfratshausen

 A hiking tour in and through Wolfratshausen is very versatile. Thanks to the banks of the Isar, history trails, waterways, forest adventure trails and numerous panoramic views, a hike across the wonderful foothills of the Alps is an unforgettable experience. 

There are also numerous themed trails in Wolfratshausen that allow you to expand your knowledge on various topics during the hike.

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What hiking trails are there in Wolfratshausen?

Probably the best-known hiking trail that runs through Wolfratshausen is the Way of St. James Isar-Loisach-Leutascher Ache-Inn. The route runs from Schäftlarn Monastery, via Wolfratshausen to Mötzmit a connection to the Tyrolean Way of St. James. 

You have the possibility to master the next stage rested, as there are many accommodations on the way. This hiking trail allows you to get to know the spiritual side of the Bavarian landscape.

Another tour here locally is the forest adventure trail through the Wolfratshausen ”Bergwald”. Directly from the historic old town, several stairs take you to the unforgettable view over the town and the foothills of the Alps. 

Because of the trees, no city noise penetrates upwards to the ”Bergwald” allowing you to enjoy the sounds of the forest during your hike. There is a lot to experience especially for the little visitors: stations to hear, see, touch and also educational things along the way. 

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One of the most popular and at the same time easier hiking trails is the “Schöne Kieselbank” tour from Waldram. On this route through the small district of Wolfratshausen, you can experience the idyllic Isar on easy paths. 

The trail is suitable for all fitness levels as there are hardly any ascents or descents. The starting point is also easy to reach by public transport. Enjoy the view of the isar on the”Schöne Kieselbank”, best with a picnic.

The Loisach-Isar canal-Pupplinger Au loop from Wolfratshausen is a more difficult hike. You should have good basic fitness for this route. Sturdy shoes, a certain amount of surefootedness and a little alpine experience are also very helpful for successfully mastering this trail. 

The starting point is the Wolfratshausen railway station, which can be reached by public transport. After 13.5 km, you reach the confluence of the Loisach and Isar rivers via the Loisach bridge, the Farcheter Wehr, the Pupplinger Au and the Isarspitz. A challenging hike with many wonderful viewpoints. 

There are also many other hiking and walking trails in and through Wolfratshausen. These include the Ickinger Wehr tour(difficult), the paths in the PupplingerAu round (moderately difficult), the Isarauen round(difficult), the Kastenmühlwehr tour (easy), the Isar-Loisach crossing (easy) and many more paths with varying degrees of difficulty. 

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Hiking and walking along the Isar in Wolfratshausen

Einer der bekanntesten Flüsse Bayerns ist die Isar. Wenn Sie vorhaben diese zu erkunden, eignet sich dies am besten auf einem der Isarwege durch Wolfratshausen. Die Wander- und Spazierwege ermöglichen die wunderbaren Isarpfaden, den Loisach-Isar Zusammenfluss und den Ausblick vom Riemerschmid Park zu erkunden. Im Sommer gibt es ausreichend Bademöglichkeiten als Abkühlung für zwischendurch. Die erste Route verläuft von Icking über die Pupplinger Au nach Wolfratshausen. Ein weiterer Weg entlang der Isar ist eine unkomplizierte Wanderung von Wolfratshausen nach Geretsried. Atemberaubende Isar-Highlights warten auf diesen Touren in Wolfratshausen auf




Why should I go hiking in Wolfratshausen?

A hike in and around Wolfratshausen is very versatile. Historical sights, panoramic views, bathing opportunities on the Isar and Loisach rivers and the beautifully situated beergardens make hikes and walks special and extraordinary. 

Unzählige Touren lassen die Herzen der Bergsteiger höher schlagen. Auch für unsere kleinen Besucher gibt es in der Stadt einiges zu erleben. Ein Spaziergang durch Wolfratshausen wird auf jeden Fall ein schönes 

Who is behind the Landhaus?

'In May 1999, I opened the Landhaus Café with just a few seats, fulfilling me a dream.'

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Questions about hiking in Wolfratshausen

Which hiking trail through Wolfratshausen is suitable for me?

There are many different trails in and through Wolfratshausen. If you would rather have an easy hike along the Isar River, one of the Isar trails is well suited for you. But if you want to enjoy the view of Wolfratshausen from above, the forest adventure trail through the Wolfratshausen mountain forest is the better choice. Depending on what kind of tour you want, there are many different options.

Can I go hiking with my children in Wolfratshausen?

In Wolfratshausen there are many easy hiking trails that are also suitable for a hike with children. Whether along the Isar with swimming opportunities or through the mountain forest, with various stations for children - on just about every one, children can also have fun! 

Where do the hiking trails through Wolfratshausen start?

All hiking trails in Wolfratshausen have their starting point at a place that can be easily reached by public transport. Most of them are located near our Landhaus Hotel and can therefore also be easily reached on foot.