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in Wolfratshausen and the surrounding area

Welcome to the countryside. Wolfratshausen, situated at the confluence of the Loisach and Isar rivers, is spoilt by nature and the historical beauty of its buildings. In our landhouse hotel and its surroundings you will find the best opportunities to unwind, to enjoyably immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Upper Bavaria. And because variety is the spice of life, we have organised exciting and eventful excursions for you. Our action and fun tours in Wolfratshausen and the surrounding area are guaranteed to remain in your memory as unforgettable highlights.

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Action and fun tours in Wolfratshausen and the surrounding area: "A raft trip, that's fun ..."

Wolfsratshausen and the rivers: They have belonged together since time immemorial. It is not for nothing that our historic town bears the honourable epithet "International Raft Town". That's why a raft trip is an absolute must when it comes to action and fun tours in Wolfratshausen and the surrounding area. Our country house café, restaurant and hotel is the perfect starting point for this "wet and merry" event. Rocking on the boards that meant the world in Wolfratshausen for many centuries, you will experience the wild and romantic Upper Bavarian river valley landscape in a very special way. We start on the banks of the Loisach, get in the mood for the first small rapids and turn into the Isar via the Pupplinger Au. Enjoy swimming in the clear waters of the Mühltal canal or simply relax surrounded by beauty. Fun becomes action at the Straßlach raft slide, where you shoot down 345 metres at a gradient of 9 percent. Our tour ends at the Thalkirchen central station. Let the beautiful day come to an end in our hospitable Wolfratshausener Country House Café, Restaurant and Hotel. Our service knows how to bring unforgettable days to a perfect end.

Action and fun tours in Wolfratshausen and the surrounding area:
Rafting - the turbo river trip

Rafting is all about action - which is not to say that the fun is neglected. Rafting does not take place on a raft, but on an inflatable boat - starting in Bad Tölz, 20 kilometres away. There you will be given complete wild water equipment, including life jacket and helmet. The guide gives safety instructions. So that action and fun go 100 percent hand in hand. And then it's off to the swirling waves of one of the last white-water rivers in Germany. A great team and adventure experience, crowned by the foaming waves of the small Isar cataract near Sylvenstein, affectionately called Isarburg by the rafters. Yes, it gets wet. And the adrenalin level rises. What's left behind is an unforgettable experience and a hell of a hunger for wild surfing on the river. We at the Landhaus Café, Restaurant and Hotel Wolfratshausen are your safe haven and favourite provider. Enjoy our comfort.

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Action and fun tours in Wolfratshausen and the surrounding area:
Canyoning - action in the superlative

Would you like to go wild for once? And get as close as possible to pristine nature? - With our canyoning, the chances are good. This new kind of sport has the canyon in its name. You can find a pretty exciting one about 50 kilometres from our country house hotel, at Lake Sylvenstein near Tyrol. Here the water has washed breathtakingly deep aisles into the rock. Canyoning is definitely something for good sportsmen. You scramble through bizarre stream courses, abseil down up to 10 metres, slide down the mountain via natural chutes and jump several metres deep into the clear mountain water. All of this, of course, with perfect equipment, instruction and accompaniment by a guide who is familiar with the area. The tour lasts almost five hours - you can't get any closer to the Upper Bavarian landscape. And if you threaten to run out of energy in between, always remember our Wolfratshausener Country House Café, Restaurant and Hotel. We will pamper you with wellness and comfort after this achievement.

Action and fun tours in Wolfratshausen and the surrounding area:
Mountain bikes love our landscape

Lenggries is a good 30 kilometres away from us - a "stone's throw", says the motorist. Here, on the Brauneck mountain, there is a breathtaking mountain bike park for all levels of difficulty. If you happen not to have your bike with you or have always wanted to try wild western riding on a bike saddle, you can rent a bike in the park and shoot off with it. Or book the three-hour taster course, which teaches all the basic techniques for perhaps the coolest and most exciting movement on two wheels.

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Action and fun tours in Wolfratshausen and the surrounding area:
In the fairytale forest, the little ones don't miss out either

The Fairytale Forest is Wolfratshausen's own attraction on the theme of action and fun tours. Over 40,000 (!) square metres in size, it is the largest fairytale forest in Europe. Here, more than 260 moving figures tell well-known fairy tales - the voices come over loudspeakers at the touch of a button. And after you have dived deep into the world of Grimm & Co with your children, you may unload your energy on the park's rides. There is a child-friendly roller coaster, a wild boar ride and much more. A great day right in our neighbourhood!

Action and fun tours in Wolfratshausen and the surrounding area have an ideal starting point and destination: our country house hotel, located directly near the old town. Start your exciting activities rested and invigorated. After a long, eventful day, look forward to our comfort, our service and our cosy rooms. We look forward to welcoming you!

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