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Raft trip Wolfratshausen - adventure on the water

There are insider tips that are no longer insider tips but are still considered as one. A raft trip in Wolfratshausen is definitely one of them. The wildly romantic Bavarian Oberland region with the Loisach and Isar river valleys is the perfect starting point for an excursion you won't forget. Combined with a stay in the cosy Landhaus Café Restaurant & Hotel, you can complement this experience perfectly. So if you are not from the Munich/Bad Tölz area and want to experience the unique atmosphere of a raft trip from Wolfratshausen to Munich for once, don't miss out on this fun. Are you planning a longer stay in the beautiful Isar region? Then book in our boutique hotel! Immerse yourself in the great atmosphere of a raft trip in Wolfratshausen and experience Bavaria from a different perspective in a unique way.

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Wolfratshausen is known as the rafting town. And for good reason, as the tradition of rafting can be traced back to the 12th century. It was the Bavarian dukes who brought a real boom to the rafting trade through their desire to build. One of Munich's landmarks, the “Frauenkirche” was built with materials brought by rafts from the Bavarian Oberland across the Isar to the growing city.

If you are interested in history, you can take a varied raft trip from Wolfratshausen and retrace the route that the rafters took back then with wood, limestones and stones. With or without a historical background, a raft trip towards the Bavarian capital is a refreshing experience. And in the truest sense of the word.

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What does the raft trip from Wolfratshausen to Munich offer?

A raft trip is not something you could organise yourself. That's why there are various providers who are experts in the art of rafting and know the route inside out. The raft, loaded with guests, music and provisions, sets off from Wolfratshausen and elegantly makes its first turn along the Loisach. Passing the wildly romantic river valley, you have your first opportunity to experience smaller rapids up close. The raft then flows into the Isar via the Pupplinger Au.

Pure relaxation can then be had at Icking, in the Mühltal canal. This part of the Wolfratshausen raft trip really lets guests unwind. If you wish, you can swim there or simply look out over the river landscape and enjoy the day. There is an opportunity to stop for lunch at Schäftlarn Monastery and/or in Straßlach. And then it really gets going!

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The raft slide in Straßlach is considered by most to be the absolute highlight of an adventurous raft trip Wolfratshausen. A real adventure for young and old awaits you here over a length of 345 metres. 9 % gradient and a height difference of 17 metres - the raft rushes down into the depths.

River water splashes, the wind blows over your head - this experience is unique and never fails to thrill. Afterwards, smaller raft slides await you and a trip that ends in Thalkirchen at the Zentrallände.

If you are interested in a raft trip in Wolfratshausen and are looking for accommodation, our boutique hotel is at your disposal. Comfortable guest rooms and a restaurant with freshly prepared meals from the house kitchen await you. Combine the adventurous raft trip with a visit to our café, restaurant & hotel. We look forward to seeing you!

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