Sustainable hotel in Wolfratshausen

The Country House Café, Restaurant & Hotel in Wolfratshausen is breaking new ground in gastronomy and has opted for more conscious management and a different, more prudent use of important resources. Our experience with this has shown that this does not require particularly high investments, nor does it mean that our guests have to make compromises in terms of comfort or that their well-being is diminished in our house. The opposite is the case. Our visitors welcome our efforts to be a sustainable hotel and enjoy their time with us even more relaxed.

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Our goals as a sustainable hotel

We have given a lot of thought to how we can implement the desire for sustainability in a hotel and achieve the best possible results with little effort. We have found that it only takes small changes in the furnishings and a departure from long-established habits.

By reducing waste, energy and water consumption and other measures, we are making a significant local contribution to global environmental protection. With the description of some examples, we would like to show you which paths we are taking.

Waste reduction and recycling

The amount of packaging waste is a major problem in Germany. According to the Federal Environment Agency, 18.8 million tonnes of it was produced in 2020 alone. Although most of it could be recycled, the energy input and thus also the CO2 emissions during production are gigantic. For this reason, we largely avoid the portion-packed foodstuffs that were common in the past and instead use large containers. We also strictly follow the EU directive on disposable items. You will no longer find plastic crockery, cutlery or straws in our restaurant. Furthermore, we offer our guests reusable packaging with a deposit system.

We dispose of food scraps and food waste in such a way that they can be converted into environmentally friendly energy in biogas plants or used to produce organic, harmless fertiliser. Our old frying fat is regularly collected and processed into ecologically sustainable biodiesel. With our contribution, this saved 4264 kg of CO2 in 2021 alone.


How we save electricity

We did some maths and found that in a conventional hotel business, lighting alone consumes about a third of the energy. That's why we replaced all the old light bulbs with LEDs, which use about 90 % less electricity than conventional light bulbs. Although they are more expensive to buy, they also last 25 times longer, which in turn reduces the time needed for maintenance.

Rooms such as corridors, storerooms and toilets are fitted with motion detectors that only switch on the light when someone is there and then switch it off automatically.

How we save water

Fresh, clean water is a special commodity and requires conscious use to avoid waste. We have replaced all old shower heads with water-saving models and use so-called aerators on the taps to limit the flow. In this way, we reduce water consumption by up to 60 % and at the same time reduce the energy required to heat water. Our toilets are equipped with water stoppers, and we also use the latest water-saving technology in our washing machines.

Improvements in the heating, cooling and ventilation systems

Radiators, air conditioning and ventilation systems become much more sustainable with intelligent controls. Time switches, for example, regulate the running time of ventilation and cooling units in frequently used rooms. We heat unoccupied rooms less, because every degree reduces the demand for heating energy by about 6 %. Special thermostats prevent the radiators from running unintentionally when the windows are open.

Selected products for our kitchen

As a sustainable hotel with a strong connection to our home in Bavaria, we rely on seasonal products from the region whenever possible. This allows us to avoid long transport routes and reduce CO2 emissions. At the same time, we support the local economy and our local producers and suppliers. Products that come from far away, such as coffee or tea, are selected according to whether they are fairly traded and have organic certificates.

More sustainability in hygiene

Of course, we cannot and do not want to do without hygiene and meticulous cleanliness, because many people stay in our house all the time and our guests change frequently. Accordingly, rooms and all other premises have to be cleaned frequently. We use only environmentally friendly cleaning agents that do not harm the soil or groundwater.

However, we would also like to involve our guests in the topic of hygiene. If you agree, you can, for example, do without a daily change of towels and bed linen or daily room cleaning. Extrapolated to our number of rooms, these measures can save large amounts of electricity, water, detergents and cleaning agents every year.

We are serious about sustainability

Our country house café, restaurant & hotel in Wolfratshausen is serious about acting sustainably in all areas where it is possible. This applies not only to "technical" or "material" details, but also to interpersonal dealings.

We motivate and sensitise our employees by familiarising them with our concept and providing appropriate training and further education.

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